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Geeez I Can’t Eat That – Can I?

G.I can’t eat that…

Food is classified by the Glycaemic Index by how high and for how long it raises the blood glucose levels.  White bread is normally used as the reference point and is given a 100 rating.  Any food that gets digested quickly and raises the glucose levels instantly, have a high GI.  The foods that take longer to digest and by extent, slowly raise the blood glucose levels have a low GI.

low glycaemic foods for slimming and weight loss

It was a common belief that sugars rate higher on the GI than starches; however potatoes and rice rank higher than sugar.  Many factors including, the processing, cooking methods, amount, time of day, ripeness, etc. all influence the GI of food.

Trainers in the industry have been referring their clients to dieticians who specialize in Low GI eating plans for quite some time as it is easily maintainable and doesn’t limit you from eating the things you like, but encourages you to choose wisely.

Moving over to a Low GI Diet really is as easy as substituting the things you love with a healthier option:

  • High fibre cereals such as All Bran for breakfast. Oats are also a fantastic option.
  • Wholegrain breads and baked goods such as muffins instead of those made with white flour
  • Limiting the amount of potatoes you eat.  Potatoes are easily substituted with sweet potatoes and even in some instances with carrots or cauliflower.
  • Other fruits and vegetables can be taken freely – you might need to use your own discretion as an apple has a GI of 52, whereas watermelon comes in at 103.
  • Eating lots of salad vegetables like tomato, cucumber, lettuce etc. also ensure you keep the GI of a meal low.
  • Eat legumes where possible; kidney beans, chickpeas, lentils and even baked beans have a reasonably low GI.
  • Instead of eating white rice, rather have a serving of Basmati rice
  • Having whole wheat pasta instead of normal pasta
  • Having low fat yogurt instead of ice cream when you feel like it.
  • Opting for healthy snack choices such as dried fruit and nuts.

Many lists of Low GI foods are readily available by just the click of a button.  Incorporating this into your lifestyle with a good exercise program will have you shedding weight in no time!

The choice, like the fork, is in your hands


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