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Muffin Tops! It’s Time For A Change!

Forget the Muffins – Your Nutrition Counts for Your Waist by Lucille Swart

Lucille Swart – Exercise Professional and Fitness Advocate

Mmmm… Catching the waft of a batch freshly baked muffins as you open the oven to take them out and then BAM! just one look at the tops spilling over the sides to remind you of those new pair of jeans that fit perfectly a few weeks ago and are now becoming a bit snug around your waist.

People have been referring to the excess fat around the waist as the “Muffin Top” phenomena. There are many causes that influence the way we put fat on around our waist, ranging from metabolism to problems with digestion and other factors. However, the main reason we put on fat around the abdominal area is mainly due to the bad food choices we make. Late night binging, wrong snack choices, the over consumption of alcohol and the list goes on.

“To successfully get rid of the fat around your abs you need to follow a good exercise plan with a healthy, balanced diet.” – This is the basic information we have all seen in magazines and on the internet, right? That doesn’t say much however, so here goes:

A healthy balanced diet contains ALL the food groups:

  • Grains – Preferably whole grain options like wholegrain cereals, bread and pasta.
  • Vegetables – More dark veggies, like broccoli and spinach. Balance it out with other veggies.
  • Fruits – a variety of fruits, not fruit juices as these mainly contain sugar.
  • Milk – Go for low-fat or fat-free options
  • Meat & Beans – Low fat, or lean meats and poultry. Preferably baked or grilled. Varied with red meats, fish. Also add nuts and seeds and a variety of beans to your diet.

Making sure you do not exceed your daily caloric intake needs. For optimum fat loss you would opt to have a high protein, low fat, low carb eating plan – but make it fun, because we are more likely to stick to something we like than something that is completely foreign to us.

A good exercise plan consists of all the major components of fitness:

  • Cardio – Walk/Run on a treadmill or outside if it is a beautiful day. Spinning classes. Jump Rope etc.
  • Resistance – Doing weighted exercises, which also aids in the prevention of Osteoporosis later in a female’s life.
  • Core – Abdominals, oblique muscles and not neglecting the lower back.
  • Flexibility – Stretching is very important to keep muscles flexible and to improve the range of movement.

Keep moving and start losing!!

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