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Whey Protein and Protein Powders For Women – Are They Necessary For Weight Loss

Many people are now following a high protein diet for weight loss. By this, we mean, a diet that is heavily weighted in favour of protein, low in carbohydrates, and actually moderate intake of fats and oils (preferably good quality essential fats.) A lot of people have heard of the Atkins diet, which relies heavily on high protein intake, with low to no carbohydrates. The theory behind such a diet is that your body uses (or misuses) the storage hormone insulin any time you consume carbohydrates. The carbohydrates enter your bloodstream as sugar (glucose) and in response the pancreas releases Insulin hormone, to shuttle the blood glucose out of your blood stream and into storage. For many people this means converting that glucose to triglyceride (fats) and storing in fat cells. Simultaneously the blood sugar drops (often below safe levels) leading to low blood sugar – a feeling many of us are more than familiar with which leads to a craving and need for food – which you often reach for more sugar or carbohydrate and thus your blood sugar shoots through the roof and this terrible cycle of sugar ups and downs continues. The effects of a high carbohydrate diet are lacking energy, mood swings, depression and of course the terrible resulting fat gain and weight gain.

Protein For Women Helps Slimming

And so, a diet high in protein and essential fats, with most carbohydrates coming from high quality fibrous vegetable sources is a much safer way for you body to live. With this diet you will find your mood, your energy and your weight far more favourable to you. And you will be filled with positive energy and a lack of hunger simply because a high protein diet with lots of fibrous vegetables will counter the previous highs and lows of blood sugar roller coasters and keep your sugar levels stable, feeling fuller and satisfied for longer between meals.

Now, many women, find it hard to consume a lot of quality protein sources and find that it is actually a struggle to obtain protein in the diet that is not accompanied by sugars or carbohydrates. In this instance it is more than a good idea to supplement with a protein powder. And the key here to remember that substituting, or, supplementing the diet with a protein powder is purely that. It is not a product that should replace your entire diet, it is merely a nutritional tool that assists you to sticking to a healthy, high protein diet for slimming and weight control. In no way should you view your protein shake for women as a necessary foundation to your entire nutritional program.

Protein Shakes For Women

And likewise, many women are afraid that using a protein powder (often associated with men trying to build a large muscular body) will likewise develop huge, and or unsightly muscle tissue. This is a total myth. Protein is protein, same from a chicken as in a powdered drink form. Eating tuna and broccolli would not have your running for the hills for fear your biceps will suddenly burst out of your blouse sleeves…not at all. Protein powders are merely useful supplements to supplement your diet for a high protein intake.

If you’re interested in learning more about the health and weight and slimming properties of a high protein for women diet then take a look at this interesting article on Ezines about protein powders for women.


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