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That’s right people! It’s time to get the real Skinny on Skinny! What they tell you in the media is total nonsense – or else everyone would be lushusly toned, slim, with oodles of men drooling at our high heels and begging for a date! We’re exposing the truth on how to make fat your bitch, and get physical with your female curves!

Want the real low down on what’s truly health, beauty, exercise and the nutritional supplements that are aimed at women who honestly want to learn how to effectively lose weight and slim down to a size they are comfortable and happy with. Get subscribed to the Skinny on Skinny Blog – it’s a juice fest of health, beauty, exercise and nutritinal supplement information and it will do more than make you smile whilst taking your pick of the best man out there for your needs.

From choosing the most effective diet, exercise and supplement program to fit your lifestyle and needs as an active female is what Skinny on Skinny is here to do. We have a panel of female fitness advisors and exercise specialists as well as a full team of social media nuts whose mission it is to keep a close eye on all the celeb gossip for what tips work for the women whose bodys we look upto and admire.

We also offer uncensored genuine consumer driven advice and reviews on what is hot and what is not when it comes to slimming and weight loss. Have your say at Skinny on Skinny – we thoroughly welcome your views.



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