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Jodie Marsh – Bodybuilder?!

Jodie Marsh Takes Celebrity Slimming To Bodybuilding

Famous glamour model Jodie Marsh (32) has shot to a new level of celebrity fitness fame, by proving conclusively that not only slimming and weight loss is possible, but if you choose to put your mind to it and work hard, you really can achieve almost anything with your body. And Ms Marsh has done just that by going from famed big boobed (32E surgically enhanced whoppers) glamour model to professional female bodybuilder. Following Jodie on Twitter (@JodieMarsh) she sounds happier, healthier and more positive than she has ever done, proving that an active fitness lifestyle fills you with energy and optimism.

Jodie Marsh Bodybuilding

Already quite slim and busty Jodie Marsh was rumoured to be typical skinny fat, with an average bodyfat percentage of around 30%. This is quite normal in the typical chicklet amongest us – being slim, but not necessarily toned and muscular. What Ms Marsh achieved is a very rapid body transformation – in that she dropped not only 2 dress sizes, and more amazingly – slashed her bodyfat level to a stage bikini worthy 10%! – Now that’s lean as you can see in Jodie’s unbelievable six pack abs.

Jodie Marsh Abdominals

In 2011 Jodie Marsh competed in two professional drug tested bodybuilding competitions (the Natural Physique Association (NPA) Mike Williams Classic and Pro-Am Bodybuilding Championships), after working closely with personal trainer and friend Tim Sharp. Jodie dropped the two dress sizes and took her bodyfat right down to low levels, with the dedication of a low carbohydrate, high protein, low fat diet that was heavily supplemented with nutritional supplements. The dramatic physical changes to Jodie’s body are rumored to have only taken 8 weeks of solid dedication to exercise and a careful diet plan. Now whether she used slimming pills we don’t believe has ever been announced or confirmed, and Ms Marsh doesn’t seem to be endorsing any particular sports nutrition brand or product inassociation with her new sexy, slim, toned body.

Some people have commented that Jodie Marsh has gone too far with her extremely well muscled physique, however, to drop bodyfat to the degree she has done in order to compete in female bodybuilding shows is not maintainable after a competition for long at all. Within a few days a more healthy, natural and normal appearance has returned to her very active, and attractive slim body.

We believe that Jodie Marsh is leading the way as a fine example for other women to see what is possible with some dedication and a solid weight loss plan, as well as the benefits of resistance training on health, vitality and general mood and well being.

Jode Marsh Prepares For Bodybuilding Contest

“I feel proud of myself. I’ve always been confident, but I’ve had moments where I haven’t wanted people to see me naked.” – Jodie Marsh on body building

Jodie Marsh Diet Plan – so Skinny give me the Skinny on what she eats!

We’ve scoured the internet and discovered there’s all kinds of nonesense and rubbish being touted in the press and trashy magazines about what Jodie ate to achieve her amazing body beneath the fat. So we cut to the chase and eliminated the garbage, just as Jodie did from her diet. The exceptional nutrition plan is the brainchlild of celebrity trainer and ex competitive athlete Tim Sharp himself.

The most dramatic change that Jodie made immediately was to cut out junk foods and booze entirely. That’s right, no more alchohol for Ms Marsh. Although she admits openly that she still enjoys her 20 cigarettes a day and chocolate habit!! You can’t deny that you’d expect this to be true, but, Ms Marsh also attributes a huge amount of weight loss to her very active and exotic sex life with new boyfriend.

Jodie was tweeting that on top of her nutrition plan, although she does not endorse any particular brand, nor is she sponsored by any particular brand – she did make heavy use of PHD Diet Whey throughout the day. Diet Whey is a high protein meal replacement product, that has added ingredients specifically tailored to asssit you burn bodyfat.

BREAKFAST: Jodie loves blueberries, and a common breakfast in the morning is a protein shake for women, just with some added handful of blueberries.

DINNER: Keeping it skinny and lean. Huge portion of steamed vegetables, tinned tomatoes, and garlic. This is typically a big portion and you can eat as many vegetables as you wish.

SNACKS: Jodie highly recommends that you stick to fruits like Blueberries and in small portions throughout the day. Other favourites for Jodie are low glycaemic rice cakes, sometimes with a little pure organic Almond Butter added.

AFTER TRAINING: Following a one hour training session, depending on the time of day Jodie usually has wholemeal toast with scrambled eggs – ideal for replenishing carbohydrates and proteins right after training. A high protein diet designed to build muscle helps boost the metabolism, raising the basal metabolic rate, so Jodie can burn more calories each and every single day making it easier to stay toned and lean.

Jodie Marsh Bodybuilding

Jodie Marsh also drinks copious amount of plain water every single day – usually upto 6 litres. And that makes a huge difference and a massive impact to her energy and body appearance.

We think you look skinny marvellous Jodie Marsh and if anyone wants to learn more about protein for women then feel free to check out our main site for women.

Well done Jodie Marsh – what a slimming sensation! We’ll have to get you in for an interview to get the real skinny on skinny on how you actually achieved such stunning results.


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