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What?! No Milk??

Why You Should Eliminate Milk From Your Weight Loss Diet

Many people seemed to be convinced that milk is a quality source of protein, and through dubious marketing tactics somewhat from the dark ages of dairy producers it is supposed to be good for you…well we can absolutely 100% tell you that if you are aiming to lose weight, slim down, and look after your health, then you want to remove milk from your diet and daily nutrition.

is milk bad for your health

It is actually true that in laboratories milk has a low glycaemic index (GI) clocking in at a reasonable low score of an attractive 27. So surely that’s perfect for what you want as a food source. Well, the bad news is, in the real world this means absolutely NOTHING. Because unfortunately, and paradoxically, dairy products like milk have an all time high insulinemic response on the insulin index (II) scale. And this is where you should be paying attention. As we all know, the human body reacts to the chemical hormone messages that are produced in response to stimulus. In this case eating produces insulin (a storage hormone) via the pancreas. Foods with a high insulin index pump out high levels of insulin, which elicits unstable blood sugar levels, and promotes both fat storage, hunger, and unstable energy levels.

Studies by researchers at the Lund University in Sweden have discovered that milk, although it’s low Glycaemic Index, has a whopping Insulin Index of 90 – 98, which is not significantly different to the well known high GI, high II, the base testing food for both scales – white bread! The conclusions from the study and other studies were that milk products appear insulinotropic as judged from a 3-fold to 6-fold higher insulinemic indexes than expected from the corresponding glycaemic indexes.

Removing even just a little dairy can have a profound effect on accelerating fat loss and slimming. That’s not all. Look at the damage to your health from drinking cows milk…

is cows milk bad for you

Cows milk is custom designed for baby calves – and that’s the raw milk. Pasteurised cows milk is both not designed for humans, and it is severely damaged in the process of extreme heating (pasteurisation). Playing havoc with the body’s natural pH balance, contrary to popular belief, cow’s milk actually strips calcium from your bones! A huge common misconception supported by miss advertising claims of dairy companies. Cow’s milk is an EXCELLENT food source for a baby cow, however, once a baby cow has weaned, it no longer ever drinks it’s mother cow’s milk again. The same principle applied to every single mammalian species on the planet. It is both bizarre and a little sinister that humans (thanks to mass manufacturing dairy conglomerates) adopted the most peculiar habit of drinking the harvested and processed maternal milk of another animal.

Cow’s milk has a positive renal acid load (PRAL) which triggers the bodies protective biological reaction to neutralize the acidity before reaching the kidneys. The body is designed for survival, so it scarifies bone density to protect the kidneys and urinary tract. The most abundant source of acidity neutraliser is of course the bones. So even because milk is high in calcium, it in fact leaches your bone calcium straight from your body…and that is because today’s milk is a PROCESSED FOOD.

Not only are dairy milked cows pumped full of antibiotics and IGF-1 and other serious drugs linked to things such as cancers, the milk is pasteurised (heated at extreme temperatures) causing the proteins to become sticky and very poorly digested. Given that milk contains Lactose (or milk sugar) which the majority of all adult humans (given that in nature you would not be drinking any milk from any species) do not produce or have enough of the enzyme Lactase to digest milk. This causes masses of digestive issues, from bloating, to wind, to gastic upset, weight gain, acid reflux and even bowel cancer.

So Do Your Home Work and Don’t Believe The Typical Marketing Bull!

Milk will do nothing for your energy, your mental clarity, your waist line, your blood sugar, or your health.

If you want to lose weight and improve slimming and energy – make removal of milk from your diet a main priority!


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