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Protein For Women

Whey Protein and Protein Powders For Women – Are They Necessary For Weight Loss

Many people are now following a high protein diet for weight loss. By this, we mean, a diet that is heavily weighted in favour of protein, low in carbohydrates, and actually moderate intake of fats and oils (preferably good quality essential fats.) A lot of people have heard of the Atkins diet, which relies heavily on high protein intake, with low to no carbohydrates. The theory behind such a diet is that your body uses (or misuses) the storage hormone insulin any time you consume carbohydrates. The carbohydrates enter your bloodstream as sugar (glucose) and in response the pancreas releases Insulin hormone, to shuttle the blood glucose out of your blood stream and into storage. For many people this means converting that glucose to triglyceride (fats) and storing in fat cells. Simultaneously the blood sugar drops (often below safe levels) leading to low blood sugar – a feeling many of us are more than familiar with which leads to a craving and need for food – which you often reach for more sugar or carbohydrate and thus your blood sugar shoots through the roof and this terrible cycle of sugar ups and downs continues. The effects of a high carbohydrate diet are lacking energy, mood swings, depression and of course the terrible resulting fat gain and weight gain.

Protein For Women Helps Slimming

And so, a diet high in protein and essential fats, with most carbohydrates coming from high quality fibrous vegetable sources is a much safer way for you body to live. With this diet you will find your mood, your energy and your weight far more favourable to you. And you will be filled with positive energy and a lack of hunger simply because a high protein diet with lots of fibrous vegetables will counter the previous highs and lows of blood sugar roller coasters and keep your sugar levels stable, feeling fuller and satisfied for longer between meals.

Now, many women, find it hard to consume a lot of quality protein sources and find that it is actually a struggle to obtain protein in the diet that is not accompanied by sugars or carbohydrates. In this instance it is more than a good idea to supplement with a protein powder. And the key here to remember that substituting, or, supplementing the diet with a protein powder is purely that. It is not a product that should replace your entire diet, it is merely a nutritional tool that assists you to sticking to a healthy, high protein diet for slimming and weight control. In no way should you view your protein shake for women as a necessary foundation to your entire nutritional program.

Protein Shakes For Women

And likewise, many women are afraid that using a protein powder (often associated with men trying to build a large muscular body) will likewise develop huge, and or unsightly muscle tissue. This is a total myth. Protein is protein, same from a chicken as in a powdered drink form. Eating tuna and broccolli would not have your running for the hills for fear your biceps will suddenly burst out of your blouse sleeves…not at all. Protein powders are merely useful supplements to supplement your diet for a high protein intake.

If you’re interested in learning more about the health and weight and slimming properties of a high protein for women diet then take a look at this interesting article on Ezines about protein powders for women.


Muffin Tops! It’s Time For A Change!

Forget the Muffins – Your Nutrition Counts for Your Waist by Lucille Swart

Lucille Swart – Exercise Professional and Fitness Advocate

Mmmm… Catching the waft of a batch freshly baked muffins as you open the oven to take them out and then BAM! just one look at the tops spilling over the sides to remind you of those new pair of jeans that fit perfectly a few weeks ago and are now becoming a bit snug around your waist.

People have been referring to the excess fat around the waist as the “Muffin Top” phenomena. There are many causes that influence the way we put fat on around our waist, ranging from metabolism to problems with digestion and other factors. However, the main reason we put on fat around the abdominal area is mainly due to the bad food choices we make. Late night binging, wrong snack choices, the over consumption of alcohol and the list goes on.

“To successfully get rid of the fat around your abs you need to follow a good exercise plan with a healthy, balanced diet.” – This is the basic information we have all seen in magazines and on the internet, right? That doesn’t say much however, so here goes:

A healthy balanced diet contains ALL the food groups:

  • Grains – Preferably whole grain options like wholegrain cereals, bread and pasta.
  • Vegetables – More dark veggies, like broccoli and spinach. Balance it out with other veggies.
  • Fruits – a variety of fruits, not fruit juices as these mainly contain sugar.
  • Milk – Go for low-fat or fat-free options
  • Meat & Beans – Low fat, or lean meats and poultry. Preferably baked or grilled. Varied with red meats, fish. Also add nuts and seeds and a variety of beans to your diet.

Making sure you do not exceed your daily caloric intake needs. For optimum fat loss you would opt to have a high protein, low fat, low carb eating plan – but make it fun, because we are more likely to stick to something we like than something that is completely foreign to us.

A good exercise plan consists of all the major components of fitness:

  • Cardio – Walk/Run on a treadmill or outside if it is a beautiful day. Spinning classes. Jump Rope etc.
  • Resistance – Doing weighted exercises, which also aids in the prevention of Osteoporosis later in a female’s life.
  • Core – Abdominals, oblique muscles and not neglecting the lower back.
  • Flexibility – Stretching is very important to keep muscles flexible and to improve the range of movement.

Keep moving and start losing!!

For tips on weight loss and slimming pills for women keep checking back to our main website.

Effective Slimming Pills For Women

Which Slimming Pills Actually Work?

So, you’ve probably stumbled across this blog researching information on how to exercise and eat specifically for slimming and weight loss techniques. It is no surprise in you research, or general knowledge from the media and press, that many women successfully lose weight and tone their bodies through a combination of not just exercise, and quality nutrition, but also with the assistance of nutritional food supplements designed to accelerate weight loss through different mechanisms. A good quality slimming pills can be more effective for you than a personal training session that you’re paying somewhere between £25 – £50 per hour typically for.

Are slimming pills and weight loss tablets a gimmick?

Absolutely not! Though you are correct in thinking there most certainly are plenty of weight loss supplements and pills out there that are either dangerous, or, totally noneffective. Let’s face facts – the slimming industry is HUGE, and the pharmaceutical weight loss drugs industry is enormous. Well, very often the research and development, science, and materials that go into the pathways of synthetic chemical weight loss drugs, is what inspires the development of award winning natural and safe slimming pills. Where there is a market for pharmaceutical slimming pills, there is certainly and equal, if not, larger market of consumers wishing to lose weight and slim down using only the safest, natural alternatives – herbal weight loss tablets.

It is in the interest of the companies producing slimming products to make their products effective, potent, and within the budget of the consumer market. That being the case, you can pretty much guarantee yourself that very effective weight loss pills do exist on the market so long as you know what you are looking for. The aim of this insightful article is to deliver factual information to help you make informed decisions on which slimming pills are effective, and which ones to avoid. As there are a few high street brand, mainstream products that are charging you a fortune for ineffective herbs and useless ingredient fillers. After reading the information contained within this article, you will soon be able to work out which slimming pills are going to be effective and dramatically speed up your weight loss efforts.

Quality Weight Loss Tablets Will Cover These Important Aspects For Dramatic Slimming Effects

  • Raise Your Basal Metabolic Rate (thermogenesis) and Boost Energy Levels
  • Suppress Appetite and Hunger
  • Stabilize Blood Sugar and Minimize Cravings
  • Flush Toxins and Detox Your System

If your slimming pill or natural weight loss product does not encompass these four critical factors that work synergistically to help you speed up your weight loss efforts then they are probably not going to work effectively for you.

If you have discovered a weight loss and slimming product that does encompass all of the 4 critical factors for rapid weight loss, then you have most likely come across a product that will deliver excellent and exceptional slimming results when combined with effective exercise and a nutritious diet.

Exercise and a quality whole food diet are certainly cornerstone pieces of your weight loss puzzle, and you can certainly read about effective exercise here, in our skinny on skinny article, and nutrition here in our recommended slow carb nutrition plan. Though once you are already shifting the unwanted stubborn pounds, then adding in a quality natural slimming pill that boosts your energy, increases your metabolic rate, helps you feel fuller for longer and flushes unwanted waste toxins from your body – then you can certainly dramatically improve and speed up your weight loss results. Sometimes you can slim yourself skinny upto three times faster using a quality and effective slimming pill, than with no slimming pill and just diet and exercise alone! That’s pretty exceptional to note, especially motivating, if like many women you have a lot of weight to lose.

Ingredients That Achieve The 4 Critical Factors For Rapid Weight Loss

Once you know your slimming product is designed specifically for rapid weight loss with the 4 critical factors contained within it’s formula, you should pay particular attention to the label and look out for whether your slimming pill product contains any of the following ingredients – proven scientifically to have dramatic effects on accelerating weight loss and slimming when combined together in a natural, herbal slimming pill.

If your slimming pill contains the following ingredient then you can be pretty sure that is a well thought out, superior slimming pills that will have dramatic results on your weight loss efforts when combined with effective exercise and diet.

Pure Acai – is so packed with goodness that, when combined with a balanced lifestyle, they have been found to boost levels of health and vitality without the need for chemically produced drugs or supplements.

Caralluma Fibriata – An Indian herb used effectively as a very potent natural appetite suppressant.

Papain – An ingredient used in the promotion of better nutrient absorption and aids digestion.

Lipase – Lipase is a very important enzyme that the body uses to break down fats in food so they can be absorbed in the intestines.

Amylase – Amylase is an enzyme that catalyses the breakdown of starch into sugars.

Protease – Protease (also termed peptidase or proteinase) is any enzyme that conducts proteolysis, that is, begins protein catabolism by hydrolysis of the peptide.

Cellulase – Cellulase is an enzyme which breaks down cellulose to beta-glucose.

Lactase – Helps to digest lactose in dairy foods. Read our alarming article on milk and how cutting milk from your diet can radically speed up weight loss and slimming.

Caffeine – To help boost your energy levels and speed up basal metabolic rate through thermogenesis.

Green Tea – One of the world’s best used anti-oxidants shown to have profound positive effects on weight loss.

L-Acteyl-L-Carnitine – Lowers cholesterol levels and increases fat metabolism.

Chromium Picolinate –  Helps in the reduction of body fat & maintain healthy heart & blood circulation.

Want to know how to really exercise?

Here’s The Skinny On Getting ‘Skinny’ Rapidly

Let’s take a look at how to maximise your efforts in the gym, whilst minimising your time investment, so you can get on with more important things – like living your life! 

You’re going to perform resistance exercises in the gym (so that means training your muscles with resistance machines or free weights). Again cutting out the scientific jargon, and skipping directly to the results orientated principles (called GIVE ME THE SKINNY), here’s what you want to do.

Weight training for women

Aim to perform resistance exercise for your entire body … that’s every muscle group in your body once per week. Here’s how you elicit maximal muscle tone, and stimulate maximum response from your resistance exercise. If it’s different than what you’ve been told, ask yourself again – “is what I’m currently doing eliciting the responses I desire?”

Chose one piece of resistance exercise for each muscle group in the body. For example here’s a workout below:-

  • Leg press – thighs
  • Hamstring Curl – hamstrings and bum
  • Ab Crunch – stomach area
  • Lat pull-down machine – back
  • Chest press – pectorals/chest
  • Lateral Raise – shoulders
  • Biceps Curl – front of arms
  • Triceps Press – back of arms
  • Calf Raise – calves

Start by performing 5 minutes or so of gently warming up such as jogging on the treadmill – your aim being to get the blood pumping around your body, raise your heart rate, and most importantly … begin lubricating your joints and raise your temperature. Why are you doing this? To prevent injury. Nothing more. There is no magic to warming up, it isn’t for weight loss. But it is important.

Effective toning exercises for women

Now move to your first exercise – in this example, it’s the leg press. Perform 30 or so reps in a slow controlled manner. So chose a weight that lets you achieve around 30 reps, that is uncomfortable, but achievable and so if you were pressed and pushed into it, you could continue maybe to 40 or so reps. So it’s not an all out effort. And then stop when you get to 30. It’s not a magic number, you’re simply getting your body ready to perform the work you want it to do.

Here’s where you perform your work. Now imagine, muscle stimulation is like switching a light switch. Once you have pressed the switch, you don’t have to continue pressing it on many times to have the light activated. Once is the trigger. The switch has performed the stimulus. You triggered the response. So here you go. Mentally prepare yourself for your ONE set of your exercise to stimulate your muscular stimulation. This is where you are going to perform all out maximal effort. There will be not other sets. No other chances. No other attempts to stimulate your muscles in that movement until the same time next week. So make it a good one. And push yourself to your true maximal effort. And it is in this challenge you are probably pushing yourself to your psychological limits, as physically, you can quite simply do it.

Choose a weight you believe you can handle around 6 reps with. This being the suggestion, if someone was to hold a gun to your head and scream at you to perform another rep, you simply could not do it. That is all out maximum muscular effort and what elicits the kind of results you want.

The benefits of effective resistance training for women

So pick your weight and perform the maximum number of reps you can achieve (aim for 6) but if you honestly (think of the above scenario) believe you could do another (say 7, or even 8 reps) you keep going until you physically cannot perform a single rep more. You are pushing yourself to the absolute limit.

**CRITICALraise the weight very slowly at around 4 seconds to raise the weight, and around 5 seconds to lower the weight to the starting position. The speed is critical. Stay slow, and push yourself. Do not speed up. Do not swing. Do not cheat the weight into movement with momentum – USE YOUR MUSCLES.

Once you have completed your reps with maximum effort have a rest. Think to yourself and be completely honest. Could you do the same thing again?? If you can, then you did not work hard enough, and you should attempt this maximum effort again. If you think to yourself that you maybe could, but only manage 2 or 3 reps, you need to work harder next week. If, honestly, you truly believe you cannot do a single more rep again, then you’re done and good to move onto the next exercise.

The whole workout should take no more than around 20 – 30 minutes. Once you’re done, you’re done. That’s muscle stimulation completed for the week, and take a week off of resistance training until the same time next week. When you return to the gym, you should be able to perform either more weight for the same reps, or more reps with the same weight as you did in the last gym session – this is called progression and a key indicator that you are making progress with your training.

Now, in terms of cardiovascular training for health, I recommend swimming as your all time number one best exercise for maximum stimulus in the shortest amount of time. Why swimming, well, swimming has multiple benefits. First off, it exercises your entire body from head to foot, which causes your heart to work at maximum capacity pumping blood to every muscle in your body. This maximises both your muscle tone, fitness levels and your improves your cardiovascular health. Perform swimming 2 – 3 times a week for half an hour or so. Swimming has the added benefit that you are plunging your body into cold water. Your body is warm blooded, so guess what happens? Correct, a chemical reaction. Your body has to work harder than with any other form of exercise to raise your body temperature back to correct levels. This thermic response is why swimming enables you to burn far more calories during the performance of the exercise than any other form of cardiovascular exercise. But if you can’t swim, or don’t have access to a swimming pool on a regular basis, don’t sweat it. Just pick another exercise and perform around 2 – 3 sessions of 30 minutes or so cardiovascular exercise (running, cycling, dancing etc.) and you’re good.

That’s your exercise complete.

The rest is entirely diet and nutrition, and here on protein for women blog is a rule book on precisely how to achieve maximum and rapid fat loss. The rest is entirely diet and nutrition, and here on protein for women blog is a rule book on precisely how to achieve maximum and rapid fat loss.

Female Bodybuilding – are you for real Skinny?

Why are all the women going bodybuilding nuttorama?

Well, interesting question. Is female bodybuilding a sport, an endeavour, a lifestyle? What is it? And is it natural in any shape or form. We would like to suggest, that in some ways YES and in some ways NO – depending on your moralistic outlook.

Is female bodybuilding sexy

For anyone, male or female, bodybuilding can be defined as the pursuit, and art form, of striving to build a better body – that can be from internal health, mental and emotional state, through to the absolute best performance of fitness physically. That all taken into account my gym bunnies – if you are striving to develop a great level of physical fitness, combined with maximum health, and with that comes looking physically aesthetic and attractive … then surely most people would be hard pressed to disagree that bodybuilding is actually a superbly positive pursuit or endeavor.

Especially since the devotion to an exercise and nutrition plan that supports and nourishes the mind and body for optimal functioning and output, developing structure and routine to life it is, most would agree, actually hugely beneficial. In fact most successful business people, and popular icons, work out and ‘bodybuild’ to some degree because they are given a daily and weekly schedule or structure, along with a set routine that supports a healthy goal setting mentality.

Female bodybuilding is so much more popular in the mainstream these days. Take for example famous glamour model from the UK Ms Jodie Marsh, who competed in two natural amateur bodybuilding contests in 2011. No longer do people believe the common misconception that weights are for boys, and cardio is for girls. That’s simply physiologically complete nonsense. Resistance exercise is in fact probably just as important to women, as it is to men, if not more so. Not that bodybuilding for women is entirely resistance exercise only – far from it. Bodybuilding is a lose and generic term that typically encompasses ‘getting in great physical shape‘ and includes being toned and increasing muscular strength at the same time.

Strength and weight training (resistance training) for women holds so many benefits and rewards. Those being immediate and long term, and none of these benefits should be overlooked when analyzing, or even denouncing female bodybuilding in the press and media. You could write an entire book about the many benefits of resistance and weight training for women, though we shall save that for another time and summarize the key critical benefits to resistance training, alongside your cardiovascular training when it comes to female bodybuilding.

  • You will gain strength without muscle ‘bulk’ – which will make you far less dependent on requiring the assistance of others in daily living. Simple chores will be easier and structurally (postural) safer – from grocery shopping, to lifting kids for example rendering many benefits into later life. Increasing strength allows and secures your mobility as you age, which you may not be conscious of just yet – but simply things like being able to lift yourself up and out of a chair. It happens to all of us aging remember. What’s very important to note as a foxy female is that you are grossly unlikely to build unsightly muscle bulk like a man. Why?? Because ladies, you do not possess abundant levels of the hypertrophic muscle building hormone testosterone which makes the male muscular. For us ladies, we will develop muscle tone and strength without the bulk.
  • You will burn more calories – and not just while you exercise! Burning calories during weight training is a given of course, but the magnificent benefit is ten fold, since building lean muscle tissue raises your permanent BMR (basal metabolic rate). Muscle tissue, unlike fat stores, is living tissue – which requires heat and energy to remain alive on your body. What this means is not only are you burning calories whilst exercising, but you are burning an accelerated and pronounced amount of calories each and every day and more and more with each lb of lean muscle tissue you gain through resistance training. This means getting lean, and staying lean becomes easier and easier. Studies performed by Universities in the USA on female resistance training have shown women gain on average 2lbs of lean muscle tissue, and reduce bodyfat by 3.5lbs in just two months of resistance training.
  • You will reduce the risk of osteoperosis – women who train with resistance and weights greatly reduce their risk of osteroperosis as they age. A regular strength program in young and old women dramatically increases bone density and decreases the onset of bone loss in older women. Strong bone density from moderately brief and infrequent resistance training with weights certainly reduces risks of fractures and breaks to the bones as you age.
  • You wil llook and feel better both in, and out of your clothes – How important is it to your confidence and happiness in life to know that you will feel more comfortable in your skin both in and out of your clothes when you know you are toned, tight and oozing sex appeal with your natural female curves. It’s no secret that resistance training keeps you looking and feeling gorgeously fit.
  • You will reduce your risk of coronary heart disease – strength training can rapidly reduce blood pressure and indeed bad cholesterol (LDL) whilst assisting in raising levels of good choleseterol (HDL). reducing your risk of heart disease can be improved further when combining resistance training with cardiovascular training.
  • You will reduce your risk of back pain, injury and arthritis – when performed safely and appropriately resistance training will improve these aspects of your overall physical health. Strength training not only builds strong muscles, it builds strong tendons and connective tissues as well – something that becomes very important as we age. Studies have shown (even long terms studies conducted over 12 years) that resistance exercise and strengthening the lower back can eliminate or at least reduce back pain in the elderly by over 80%. Other research has also indicated that resistance strength training can have a profound positive impact on eliminating much of the pain associated with arthritis.
  • You will reduce your risk of diabetes – weight training has been shown to dramatically alter in a positive way, improving the processing pathways by which the body processes sugar. This simple fact can have a massive influence on reducing the risk of developing adult onset diabetes. Recent research has indicated strongly that women who train with resistance exercises can improve glucose processing by upward of 30% within just four months.
  • You will improve your attitude and fight depression – along side assisting with female hormonal peaks and troughs, and assisting eliminating period pain cramps you also find that resistance exercise can decrease clinical depression far more effectively than counselling, show in Harvard University studies. Women who strength train repeatedly report feeling more confident and capable – which are all factors in assisting fighting depression.
  • It is simply never too late to benefit – with studies performed on women in their 70’s and 80’s – resistance training, or bodybuilding as you would imagine it to be termed, have proven that increases in strength and mobility are achievable at practically any age, within a few months of adding resistance exercises to a fitness routine, concluding that the body is never too old to respond to positive changes.

So here are just a few outlined benefits of female bodybuilding. So why the turn off? Why the bad press? Well, simply put, the world of professional bodybuilding one thinks of that comes to mind when we hear the phrase female bodybuilding, is usually one of muscle bound freakish women who are often twice the size of the typical average male and golden brown more than bronze itself. What are we dealing with here? Is this what fate is going to befall any woman who turns their hand to resistance training and adding weights routines to their cardiovascular exercise?

Simply put – no. Not it is not. Not unless you begin extremist tactics and often making use of illegal pharmaceutical cocktails – such as anabolic steroids and growth hormones. Women who weight train can enjoy the many physcial and natural hormonal benefits of positive resistance exercise. When it comes to competitive bodybuilding, the coin is often flipped onto the reverse and the female bodybuilder is more often than not subject to an onslaught of terrible negative attack on their physical, emotional and mental state through damaging exercise routines, nutrient deficient dieting and an anabolic cocktail of black market drugs.

female bodybuilding

So you can rest assured, if you add resistance exercise to your routine, unless you are going to be dabbling in the dark side of competitive bodybuilding, you are very much unlikely to encounter unsightly muscle growth, or a sudden chiseled eight pack looking like it has been forged from steel, and carrying veins like a roadmap.

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